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Lucie Wegnerová
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Czech Republic
Near Prague
The year 2009 was sad. The year 2009 was happy. Like every year :)

This year begun with 10 huskies and ended with 10 huskies, but 3 of them are another.

26.01.2009 died our lovely Dusja, little Einstein, genius. She was nearly 15 years old, but when she came in a rent, she doesn't like this life. It was sad, the most sad thing in this year.…

10.07.2009 came Cheeky in the new pack. Cheeky and Chebba are agressive to others, it was worse and worse. Cheeky is now by one musher, who has good yard with lot of pens. She looks happy, he said, that she is the most energic husky in his life :) I am happy, that she is happy and I can see her at race. Cheeky in lead with new pack:…

03.08.2009 came Chebba in the new home. She was worse then Cheeky, she can't be with any dog. She lives with a young boy now. They make cannincros and the boy begun to race :) I saw her at Tocnik race:… They both looks very happy too :aww:

And now good things :)

23.08.2009 Kittuk gives birth 5 lovely puppies - 2 girls and 3 boys.…

Ashivik Ailik/Shiva lives by me, she is a nice girl now. Very energic (like Cheeky) and realy lovely :)…

Arktik Ailik/Archie lives by my friend Richard, he is still in the home :D They have 8 other huskies :)…

Avalanche Ailik/Avi lives by my friend with his father Cariboo. My friend has 14 huskies, he is one of best mushers in Czech republic. And in Europe, I mean... :floating:…

Altay Ailik/Altay  lives by my friend in Prague. He has Majky too, it is 8 years old husky lady. He is very lovely boy (dog and man, they both :D ) and make cannincros.…

Atepui Ailik/Tee-Pee was my lovest of puppies, but she died was epilepsy :(…

01.11.2009 i toke 10 months old female Lupo (original name Jenny Siwash Legend). It was for an exam, but she is very lovely and good working dog and she lives with me now :) She is half american blood husky - her father is from Anadyr kennel.…

13.12.2009 came my newest and last husky in this time. It is very lovely, cute and sweet girl Dida (original name Kajuga Tien Vlka). She is the same age like my Shiva, nice luck :)…

It was hard, but I believe, that the end is good. My pack is more happy without stress from Chebba and Cheeky (they don't like older dogs - Aki, Kely and Dusja), my old Dusja has great life and was perfect dog for all her life and was sad, she died so young, but I mean, that her life with hard epilepsy can't be happy for active husky. Maybe it is better in this case, the nature decides about these things.

Now is in my pack 10 huskies.

11 years old (and oldest) Kely:…
11 years old Aki (my leader dog):…
8 years old Espa:…
8 years old Eura:…
5 years old…
5 years old Albi:…
3 years old Kittuk (my leader dog):…
1 year old Lupo:…
4 months old Shiva:…
4 months old Dida:…

(age to the 01.01.2009)
  • Listening to: Rammstein, Wanastowy wjecy
  • Reading: School books and Monthy Python
  • Watching: Star wars, House, Md.
  • Playing: ZOO TYCOON 2
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Everything :D :D :D


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